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Data Governor Officer


By reaching out to underserved markets, FMO invests in some of the world’s most challenging business environments. The countries that we work in often have a fragile private sector, little job security and high poverty rates. Through FMO’s focus on investing in countries’ financial, energy and agribusiness sectors, FMO believes it can have maximum impact to empower the entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries. FMO has aligned its strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals, thereby positioning FMO to deliver for the future. This strategy aims to raise FMO’s impact, deepen its relationships with clients and stakeholders, and enhance its ability to deliver quality at speed. In this way, FMO will be the preferred partner to invest in local prosperity. FMO has a banking license and is being supervised by the Dutch Central Bank.

Data and Information are more and more key to FMO to improve and show our development impact. The Data Governance team is a newly formed team within FMO, with the mission to execute and implement FMO’s Data Governance and Data Quality framework. The team is envisaged to grow to 4 people.

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