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European DFIs new joint statement to reinforce commitment for an improved European offer


The European DFIs have published a new joint statement to reinforce their commitment for an improved European offer on the eve of the EU-AU Summit

In line with the new European strategy “Global Gateway” and the need to consolidate a clear and efficient European offer, European development banks and finance institutions join their forces to implement the new “Team Europe” approach. They commit to reinforce their cooperation, clarify and simplify their offer, streamline their procedures and strengthen their impact, in close ties with their African partners.

From the definition of sustainable normative frameworks, to the development of private sector investments, the financing of quality projects and solid local public entities, providing expertise and capacity building: the reinforced cooperation between all European actors constitutes a real game changer for a new Africa-Europe partnership. Under the leadership of the European institutions, together with the EIB and the EBRD, the European public banks (Enhanced Partnership), EDFI – the Association of European Development Finance Institutions and the cooperation agencies (Practitioners’ Network) are thus committed to a “Team Europe” approach to more impact and more visibility.

This commitment is taken in close collaboration with all the African development banks, members of the Finance in Common Initiative (FiCS), in order to scale up the impact of our common action and meet the sustainable development goals.