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European DFIs report strong 2021 activity and record investment in Africa


European DFIs’ new investment commitments in 2021 recovered to pre-pandemic levels at EUR 9 billion with a record EUR 4 billion in Africa, demonstrating a strong contribution to European development priorities. We are pleased to report on the combined 2021 investment activity of the 15 European development finance institutions in the EDFI Association.

«The strong 2021 activity shows that European DFIs are delivering on their commitments to support a sustainable and inclusive recovery for the private sector in emerging and developing economies. The record investments in Africa underscore this. In the face of continued market challenges, we also see advances on priority impact themes: climate, gender-lens, and SME finance. These achievements reflect that collaboration among European DFIs has continued to grow during the pandemic, and many DFIs are pursuing innovations in their business practices and adding new expertise and instruments to support their clients,” said Soren Peter Andreasen, CEO at EDFI


Download the complete report here.