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The private sector and the pharmaceutical industry in Africa: improving the accessibility of quality medicine


Africa is having to contend with a major public health challenge, namely access to quality medicines. This problem is currently being made even more acute by the growth in chronic diseases, demographic transition and the emergence of middle classes who are willing and able to set aside part of their budget for health expenditure.

In spite of colossal needs and serious growth potential, Africa is still lagging far behind on the global market for medicine. Local production is struggling and 70% of the Continent’s requirements are met by foreign imports.
Given forecast development in this sector, unlocking synergies between public and private stakeholders will be absolutely vital.  Governments are increasingly turning to private businesses to supply and distribute medicine as an alternative to systems that have failed to prove their worth.

Watch the interview of Mehdi Tanani, Senior Investment Officer and Head of Proparco’s Healthcare division.