Financing partnerships

EDFI members believe that, in many instances, they can be more effective and efficient by working together. They often partner with each other and join forces with other financial institutions to leverage mutual expertise and pool funding for a specific investment project. This allows them to reach scale, share expertise, and spread risk, especially in challenging countries and sectors.

Over the last years, EDFI members have set up several facilities to promote joint investment activities among themselves and with other institutions, e.g. the European Investment Bank (EIB). Facilities such as EFP and ICCF enable participating institutions to invest more easily alongside one-another and help mobilise funds to bring about larger-scale projects. The facilities are characterised by relatively efficient and fast-track processes with low administrative overheads.

In 2016, EDFI established the EDFI Management Company, to manage those financing instruments on behalf of EDFI members


EDFI MSME platform

For micro–, small-, and medium-sized enterprises

The EDFI MSME Guarantee Platform is the first joint guarantee facility under the EU’s EFSD+ and will be open to 11 EDFI member institutions from EU countries.

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T&C guarantee

Transferability & Convertibility Facility

The T&C Facility aims to contribute to the development of new renewable energy power capacity without delay in developing countries facing significant foreign currency reserve constraints.

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The Interact Climate Change Facility

The ICCF seeks to promote the use of renewable energy and clean technologies as well as energy efficiency in developing and emerging countries by providing long-term financing.

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The Agriculture Financing Initiative

Unlock, accelerate and leverage sustainable agriculture finance. Launched in 2018, EDFI AgriFI is an EU-funded innovative, inclusive impact investment facility for supporting access to finance for agri-SMEs and smallholder farmers.

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EDFI ElectriFI

The Electrification Financing Initiative

ElectriFI aims to unlock, accelerate and leverage private sector investment to increase or improve access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy in developing countries.

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European Financing Partners

EFP, a joint venture between the EIB and several European DFIs, is a co-financing vehicle established in 2003 aiming at promoting sustainable development of the private sector and strengthening co-operation between eligible European Development Finance Institutions and the EIB.

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