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EDFI members regard themselves as a “club of members” rather than as one institution. They have established the EDFI association as a value-adding platform and as a service provider that will support all members to realise their vision by:

  • Fostering EDFI members’ cooperation with European Union institutions, and with other DFIs such as bilateral DFIs outside Europe and the IFC
  • Advocating the key role of development finance
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of EDFI members
  • Facilitating knowledge-sharing and learning
  • Helping to raise the profile of EDFI members
  • Providing financing opportunities to EDFI members

In addition, EDFI serves to inform the public and government stakeholders about the European DFIs’ contribution to development.

Core values

The Association is guided by a set of common values:
Association of equals: All members have an equal voice in the governance of the Association and are expected to be active contributors to the Association’s work, as permitted by their size and capacity.
Diversity: We value our diversity and will use the benefits of our complementary business models, skills, expertise and portfolios to create value for our clients.
Demand-driven: The primary concern of the Association is the needs of its members.
Small and efficient: The Association’s business will be conducted with a keen concern for operational efficiency.


DFIs emerged right after WW2. CDC was established in 1948, DEG in 1962, IFU in 1967, and FMO in 1970. Gradually, more and more countries considered ways to support private sector investments in developing countries and subsequently decided to set up their own DFI.

In 1992, seven European DFIs agreed to establish the Association of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) to strengthen cooperation and to facilitate knowledge-sharing and learning.  Other institutions progressively joined the Association, which today represents fifteen members. EDFI remains open to new members. Please visit the members section for more information on the eligibility criteria.

EDFI aims to play an important role in helping members respond to the new development paradigm by stepping up its communications and adding more resources. EDFI has also established a new Management Company, which already manages ElectriFI, an EU-funded facility to support energy access, and is expected to receive further 3rd party mandates.


EDFI asbl is a non-profit association, registered in Belgium in 1992. Its legal bodies are defined in its bylaws. EDFI’s supreme body is the General Meeting, which convenes once a year. Extraordinary General Meetings are convened by the Board of Directors whenever it’s deemed necessary or upon request of one fifth of the Members.

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of up to six directors, elected by the General Meeting among the representatives appointed by the Members, by a simple majority, for a one-year term. They are eligible for re-election at the end of each term for a total of three consecutive years. The Board of Directors elects the Chairperson for a one-year term among the directors. The Chairperson is eligible for re-election at the end of each term for a total of three consecutive years. The current Chair, serving in a personal capacity, has been elected by the members.

The General Manager, nominated and revoked by the General Meeting, is responsible for EDFI’s daily management. He reports to the Board of Directors. The Board has set up Networking Groups for the exchange of experience and information. There are currently 7 formal Networking Groups that meet once or twice a year:

  • Environment and Social Standards
  • Development effects
  • Technical Assistance
  • Corporate governance
  • Communications
  • HR
  • Legal

Board members

Nanno Kleiterp


Gregory Clemente

CEO, Proparco

Jaakko Kangasniemi

CEO, Finnfund

Christiane Laibach

Chair of the Management Board, DEG

Michael Wancata

Executive Board Member, OeEB


The EDFI Secretariat is based in Brussels and currently has a team of four members.

Søren Peter Andreasen

General Manager

Aleix Jolis Rosell

Financial Accountant

Pere Joan Ribas Barcelo

Senior Programme Manager

Emmanuelle Liessens

Marketing & Communications Manager

Yves Ehlert

Senior Programme Manager

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