Members' interviews

Sabine Gaber & Michael Wancata

Members of the executive board of OeEB

Scaling up the fight against climate change

Fighting climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. We’ve seen strong growth in renewable energy capacity in recent years. Approximately one third of global power capacity is now based on renewables. However, in order to be able to achieve the global climate objectives, renewable energy deployment needs to grow much further and faster.

Nick O'Donohoe

CEO of CDC Group

“How capital is used makes a profound difference to the world we live in”

"CDC has always been very conscientious about the way we, from a compliance perspective, ensure that when we invest in companies, they meet certain standards in terms of minimum wages, health and safety standards, avoiding any child labour ..."

Luuk Zonneveld


A voyage of discovery: profile of Luuk Zonneveld, CEO of BIO

“Even talking about it I get emotional. Going down the Congo River, along the borders there are, well, settlements. You can’t even call them villages. It’s mud and poles, and a little bit of fishing. People have nothing. Most of them don’t even have clothes, some walk around in rags.”