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EDFI is pleased to showcase prominent experts and their perspectives on global development finance topics. Their insights offer refreshing perspectives on our work and the challenges we face.

Paddy Carter

Director of Research and Policy, British International Invest (BII)

European DFIs and their countercyclical role

DFIs are asked to step forward when others step back. This is never easy. Demand for investment falls when businesses face uncertainty. Projects in the pipeline get put on hold as firms decide to pause fund-raising plans. DFIs have a duty to swim against the tide, but that does not make losing money by attempting to prop up failing businesses a responsible use of taxpayers’ funds that could be invested for impact elsewhere.

FMO supports Argentinian renewable energy sector with USD 85 mln loan to Genneia February 27, 2023

Carrie Walczak

Senior Advisor (Climate & Environment), Sustainability Strategy and Policy at FMO

European DFIs: A Marked Shift in Efforts and a Clear Path Ahead for Climate Finance

Our work is accelerating, rapidly, and the methodological rigor is increasing at an equal pace. Evidence of this can be seen in the climate finance results alone. In 2022, 33% of new investments at the EDFI level were tracked as climate finance – double the level in 2020 – just two years later.

Alessandra Nibbio Bonnet & Yasemin Ramazanoglu


Just transition: against the duality of climate action and socio-economic development