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HQ office : Rome, Italy
ADDRESS : Via Goito, 4,
00185 Rome

CDP Development FinanceItaly

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP)’s Development Finance division is co-sharing SIMEST’s membership in EDFI.

In its role as the Italian Financial Institution for Development Cooperation, CDP promotes sustainable growth in developing countries, by offering a wide range of financial products. By leveraging CDP Group’s expertise, we promote investment and financing activities in emerging markets and developing countries.

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Key Figures

Key numbers (end of 2022)


€ 336 million

in new annual commitments to 8 projects

€ 856 million

in total portfolio of 29 projects

€ 205 million

in investment funds

Other fund management

CDP Development Finance can invest up to up to € 1 Bn per year of its own resources in Development Cooperation initiatives. Currently, there are no private-sector focused funds under management.

Financial instruments


equity and quasi equity



Technical assistance

CDP actual portfolio of grants for technical assistance consists of five programs, mainly focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, ranging from the financial inclusion to the renewable energy sector. The ongoing activities of TA are focused on supporting the identification and implementation of guarantee schemes to mitigate risks of investment, on providing capacity building activities to enhance Local Financial Intermediaries, institutional capacity and lending methodologies as well to improve and extend financial education, on developing innovative financial products to serve specific purposes. Within the new EFSD+ framework, CDP is aiming at expanding the content and the geographical coverage of its TA activities.

Investment focus

CDP can invest in all the developing countries listed by the OECD Development Assistance Committee. CDP supports the private sector trough a wide range of debt and equity financial instruments and technical assistance services. In some geographies, CDP can also use public resources in blending with its own resources.




Ministry in charge

Ministry of Economy and Finance is the controlling shareholder, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation defines the Italian Development Cooperation policy

The new general framework on international development cooperation (law n.125 / 2014), defines cooperation as an essential part of the Italian foreign policy and appoints CDP as the Italian Financial Institution for Development Cooperation, with the faculty to operate in all Developing countries.

Italian Climate Fund

Italy’s Budget Law for 2022 established the Italian Climate Fund (ICF). With a total budget of 4.2 billion euros over the next 5 years, the ICF is Italy’s main tool to meet its international climate and environmental commitments. The ICF is a Revolving Fund set up by Italy’s Ministry of Ecological Transition and managed by CDP. It can operate in all OECD DAC-recipient countries, covering the full spectrum of climate finance interventions. We expect that the ICF will become operational by the end of 2022.