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CDC's Annual Sustainability Review, ‘Responsible investment works’


CDC has published its Annual Sustainability Review 2016-2017. The Review, the second they have published, looks at examples of how they are supporting businesses to meet challenges and to make their companies more successful through environmental and social improvements.

CDC’s new Strategic Framework, launched in July this year, ensures sustainability considerations are key to all their investments and makes several commitments to help them achieve this. The Review focuses on some of these commitments and provides an update on these areas. This includes CDC’s commitments to helping businesses mitigate and adapt to climate change, to women’s economic empowerment, and to improving job quality.

It opens with an introduction from Nick O’Donohoe, CDC’s Chief Executive, who underlines how integral environmental and social responsibility is to their approach:

We know that it takes more than just money to grow businesses in Africa and South Asia. When we make an investment, we try to offer something additional that would not typically be provided by mainstream investors.

The Review also includes:

  • An interview with Rachel Turner, the Department for International Development’s (DFID) Interim Director for Economic Development, who discusses why CDC’s approach to sustainability is so important to DFID.
  • A look at how they have been providing training to support businesses to manage environmental, social and business integrity issues at board level.

Click here to read the Annual Sustainability Review.

Photo credit: ©CDC Group