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With €6.9 billion in climate finance, the European DFIs are helping the private sector scale up the fight against climate change


Two years after the Paris Agreement set ambitious climate objectives for the international community, funding remains an important bottleneck to the fight against climate change. The One Planet Summit that will take place in Paris on December 12th intends on building a new momentum and to align public and private actors to bridge the financing gap.

The private sector is to date the largest source of global climate finance and a key player in the transition to more eco-friendly economies. It has demonstrated how innovative, cost-efficient solutions can benefit the greatest number of people.

European DFIs investing for a greener future

The 15 European Development Finance Institutions (EDFIs) are putting their full weight to support the projects, big and small, paving the road to a sustainable world. In the fight against climate change, the most important institutions you have never heard of have a story to tell.

Over the past few years, the 15 EDFIs have greatly increased their investments in climate projects. Their consolidated portfolio at the end of 2016 reached €6.9 billion. Numerous solar, wind and hydro power plants across Africa, Asia and Latin America wouldn’t have been possible without funding from EDFIs. Beyond funding, EDFIs also accompany companies to help them improve their environmental and social practices.

The booklet “Investing for a greener future” illustrates a few emblematic projects for which EDFIs have joined forces, illustrating the cumulative impact of their work.