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EDFI, CFLI, and GIF launch public consultation on how attract private climate finance in emerging markets


EDFI, the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI), and the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) launch public consultation on private sector considerations for policymakers on how attract private climate finance in emerging markets.

Private Sector Considerations for Policymakers

The CFLI, in partnership with the Association of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) and the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF), has released a working paper on strengthening investment conditions for private climate finance in emerging markets.

Designed to help expedite negotiations between parties on sustainable infrastructure investments, Attracting Private Climate Finance to Emerging Markets: Private Sector Considerations for Policymakers identifies key factors considered by investors when reviewing emerging market investment opportunities in clean energy, sustainable urban transport, climate-smart water and waste, green buildings, and sustainable land use.

These factors have the potential to:

  • Catalyze new private climate finance at scale;
  • Address areas where market- and sector-specific guidance is fragmented; and
  • Align with current global and national policy priorities to invest in a sustainable and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The working paper offers a menu of potential policy-change opportunities to all countries, regardless of current investment environment, future opportunities for sustainable infrastructure growth, or position on the path to a low-carbon economy.

These private sector considerations for policymakers build on the CFLI’s Investment Readiness Guidelines a resource designed to facilitate discussion among financial institutions, project developers, investors, and governments about strengthening enabling environments for clean energy investment in emerging markets.

Consultation period: Invitation to comment

We welcome comments on the working paper from diverse stakeholders across business, government, and civil society. Comments and feedback will be reviewed and incorporated by the CFLI, EDFI, and GIF collectively, and a final version of Private Sector Considerations for Policymakers will be released in spring 2021. The consultation period is open until January 15, 2021.

How to comment:

    • Download Private Sector Considerations for Policymakers. At the end of each section of the document, you will find a text box. Please include your comments about that section in this text box.
    • To submit comments, please attach your consultation document to an email and send to the CFLI Secretariat by the deadline stated above.
    • We seek to acknowledge comments received. Please indicate in your email submission how you would like to be acknowledged in the final paper.