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Key Discussions and Decisions at the 2023 EDFI Annual Meeting in Copenhagen

24.05.2023 Copenhagen 15.06.2023

The 2023 EDFI Annual Meeting in Copenhagen brought together senior leaders from European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), shareholders, and partners to address important themes affecting the capacity of DFIs to invest for impact. At the meeting we focused on urgent responses to climate change, mobilizing private sector capital, promoting gender equality, and addressing Ukraine crisis. We agreed once again that our Annual meeting gives a unique opportunity to meet as a community of equals, as our missions are the same, even though our organisations are so different. Our work together has never been more important as we jointly tackle inequalities, and stand up in times of crisis. We also presented our Annual report. 

On the first day we talked about our ongoing collaboration, achievements and joint approaches to challenges ahead (despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic). The CEOs of EDFI members brought several formal decisionsincluding announcement of the new directors and chair of the board for EDFI association as well as the new General Manager. We reflected on opportunities to strengthen our impact and partnership, such as continuous harmonisation of practices for increased efficiency, support of the development of sustainable finance policies that are workable in low-and middle income countries, as well as EDFI’s growing contribution to EU development policies.

The second day focused on panel discussions covering priority themes such as climate action, gender finance, private co-finance mobilization, and the response to Ukraine crisis. These provided valuable insights into the key challenges and opportunities we as DFIs face. 

The climate action panel highlighted the importance of acting upon net-zero targets, addressing adaptation and resilience, and facilitating a just transition. Panellists emphasized the need for high-quality data on emissions, collaboration, and scaling climate adaptation efforts. Deepened collaboration with institutional investors, as well as with policy makers for enabling regulations, have been identified as key leviers for mobilising more private capital for impactful investments. With Ukraine being a once-in-a-generation challenge, EDFI members discussed how to best support the private sector in Ukraine throughout the war and the reconstructionThe meeting also reviewed other significant events from the past year, discussing the role of crisis as a stimulus for innovation. 

The meeting concluded with a call for increased coordination with other institutions and a focus on effective EU engagement. We can only address the pressing global challenges by working together. Overall, the Annual Meeting served as a platform for knowledge exchange, strategic decision-making, and strengthening the collective impact of DFIs in promoting sustainable development, and of course to meet colleagues. We left Copenhagen with a lot of food for thought on how to deliver more impact and are looking forward to putting them into practice with our DFI colleagues and partners.  Until next year! 

In the meantime, find out more about our work and download our annual report.