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Why sustainable forestry is good business? Chris Burchmore from FSC® Africa explains


“Sustainable forestry is good business. It shows, for instance, as better planning of operations, financial management, cooperation with local people – and at the end of the day, as better products, too,” says Chris Burchmore, Director of FSC Africa.

Deforestation and degradation of forests is a global challenge. According to FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, in Africa more than two million hectares of forest cover is lost every year. Sustainable forestry is one tool to fight against the issue.

In August, Finnfund organised training to its staff together with FSC, a global organization dedicated to providing solutions and promoting of responsible forest management. Sustainable forestry is one of Finnfund’s key sectors.

The training was led by Michal Brink, a South African expert in forest conformance systems and forest engineering, and Chris Burchmore, Director of FSC Africa. The training was organized in cooperation with FSC Finland.

Finnfund interviewed Chris Burchmore during his visit in Finland.